Traktor BCS

Vithar L80 RS

Isodiametric tractors, monodirectional or reversible, with steering wheels. Stage 3B engine, 75 or 98 HP
The Vithar L80 and K105 RS are multi-purpose specialized tractors, particularly performing in vineyards, orchards, nurseries cultivations and greens maintenance
The low centre of gravity, the all-wheel drive and the rigid frame with front-wheel steering provide outstanding stability and unmatched road grip, allowing Vithar L80 and K105 RS to work in complete safety both on flat and uneven, sloping grounds.
The reversible driving position (available as optional) allows to operate practically and rationally both with towed and front attachments.
The new electronically-operated Stage 3B engines comply with the strictest European standards as for emission control: a supremacy among isodiametric tractors translating into lower consumption, less toxic emissions and higher operating comfort.  
Innovative technical content, elegant design and reduced overall dimensions make Vithar L80 and K105 indispensable machines for future agriculture.
Vithar L80 tractors have a 2.4 lt Kohler engine which develops 75 HP. Turbocharged by a Turbo Intercooler, it is equipped with an EGR system alongside a DOC catalyst to reduce emissions and enhance operational efficiency.

Vithar K105 tractors come with a 3.8 lt Kubota engine which develops 98 HP. Devices such as the Exhaust Gas Recirculation system, the Diesel Oxidation Catalyst and the Diesel Particulate Filter dramatically reduce toxic substances emitted into the environment. 
Both latest generation Common Rail engines ensure a precise injection control, a more efficient combustion, improved performance and less fuel consumption.
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Digitalni prikaz
Model Engine Power kW/HP Nominal speed (rpm) No. of cylinders Displacement (cm3) Aspiration Maximum torque (Nm/rpm)
L80 Kohler KDI 2504 TCR 55.4 / 75.3 2,3 4 2,482 Turbo Intercooler 300 / 1,500
K105 Kubota V3800 CR-TE4 72.1 / 98 2,4 4 3,769 Turbo 330 / 1,500