Traktor BCS

440 Vivid

Tractors with short wheelbase and differentiated wheels, monodirectional, with steering wheels. 35 HP
The Vivid 400 are specialized tractors with rigid frame and front-wheel steering.

The short wheelbase and the low hub make the Vivid 400 particularly performing in row crops, vineyards, orchards as well as all the maintenance work, in both summer and winter, typically done by local municipalities.

The Vivid 400 are mounting a 4-cylinder, Lombardini engine developing 35 HP.
The Vivid transmission is built with helical gearing to promote maximum use of engine power and reduce noise to a minimum.
The 24-speed synchronised gearbox (12 FWD + 12 REV) with synchronized reverser always allows right gear selection for the tasks for which the tractor is intended to.
The dry dual-disc clutch is pedal-operated for the transmission and manual for the PTO.
The planetary gears on the rear wheels, reduce overall dimensions maximising torque transmission.
The machine has 4-wheel drive with disengageable front axle.
Upravljačka pozicija
Model Snaga KW/KS Max. brzina okretaja (rpm) Broj cilindara Zapremnina (cm3) Aspiracija Zakretni moment max. (Nm/rpm)
Vivid 400 25,5 / 35 3400 4 1372 Natural 82,5 / 2200